Paul Hamill

November 7, 2008

A Word about “Giant”

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The “Giant” is of course the Cardiff giant, a 19th century hoax that one can visit in the Farmer’s Museum of Cooperstown,m NY.    The various clergy who got eexcited about his exhumation invested so  much in their confirming arguments that when the perpetrators came forward–a veteran con man who had relatives in the upstate NY town of Cardiff and a small crew of newly arrived Italian stonecarvers–their confession was ignored by many of the devout.    I have a friend, Robert Hill, who went on a sunday school trip to see the Giant and was told that the question of whether he was truly from “before the Flood” was unresolved.    P.T. Barnum wanted to buy the Giant when it was showing in New York, in the late 1870; his offer was refused so he had another made, leaving New york with two competing Giants.   Later, the Giant moved to Syracuse, where it was considered disloyal to the city (and its tourist economy) to call him into question.

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